Triumph India Specification Issue, 3 Options given to Customers!!

Triumph India Specification Issue, 3 Options given to Customers!!

Snapshot: Triumph India is trying hard to regain lost honour in its customers!!

Triumph India has faced an immense backlash from its customers, prospective customers and its entire fan base for the specification debacle that happened. Triumph India had shown the European specifications for their product line-up at their Indian website. However, when the news came out of ARAI that their happens to be a stark difference between the power outputs of the Triumph's Indian Motorcycles and their European counterparts, it spread like wildfire. Triumph India had to issue a press release stating that the original Indian specifications have been put up on their website now.

Now, in order to extend its support and to gather some lost honour, as shared by xBHP member ‘nitrosatya’ , the Iconic British manufacturer is offering 3 solutions to the first lot of Street Triple owners in a bid to restore the lost goodwill.

Here’s what Triumph has to offer –

1. Sell the bike to Triumph and get back money.

2. Take Rs. 1.5 lakhs worth of accessories and pay around Rs. 10,000/- for upgrading power to 106 PS. The cost of an Arrow exhaust and maps will be included in this amount that comes at a cumulative cost of around Rs. 60,000/-. In addition, sign an indemnity form to accept the modifications.

3. Upgrade the bike to 106 PS without any cash back on offer and sign an indemnity form to accept the modifications, which are out of ARAI rules.

In the due process, the parts that will be changed are –

* Airbox ducts
* Vacuum pipe
* Arrow mapping on the ECU
* Arrow exhaust

The xBHP member also stated that Triumph will not be opening the engine in any case. These modifications however will make the bike louder and in-line with European specifications. The solution has been limited to the first lot of customers and is not applicable to those who bought the bikes after the numbers were updated on the website. Originally, Triumph India had listed the Indian Street Triple with European specifications claiming the bike produced 106 PS of power. In actuality, the bike for India was the Brazilian spec version producing 85 PS of power (rated 79 PS by ARAI).

However we again would like to say, We are thankful though, Triumph India have updated their website with the exact output figures, which means you now know exactly what you get for your money. Another positive aspect is that the hardware on offer on the Indian models is the same as the Euro spec variants and to Triumph India’s credit the company hasn’t skimped on that aspect. Even in the slightly detuned state, those machines are capable enough to let you have a fantastic riding experience with their power and engineering, especially in the inhibited environs our public roads offer.  

Moreover, we strictly believe that more than the company it is a governance failure, and we are sure if we get into details of rest of the companies, then both 2 and 4 wheeler manufacturers , we will find a lot more issues like this.

Triumph India Clarifies on Specification Issue!!

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