Triumph Tiger reaches Srinagar after starting from Kanyakumari

Triumph Tiger reaches Srinagar after starting from Kanyakumari

Snapshot: The epic journey took a little over three months to finish and was more than 4,000 kms long

What do you think of every time you steal a glance at the Triumph Tiger XC – a bike that can literally take you from one continent to another to another without breaking a sweat? A bike that more potent than many human beings taken together and can do wonders depending on how insane you actually are.

Triumph India has actually gone ahead and do it for real. In order to tell India what all this mighty one can do, they set a solo rider out from Kanyakumari to reach Srinagar via, o yes, Leh. After a little over three months and 4,000 kms, he finally accomplished the mission by reaching Srinagar.                

Commenting on the accomplishment, Mr. Vimal Sumbly said, “Kashmir is truly paradise on earth and there is no better place to culminate this fantastic journey but here. India is a diverse country with equally diverse terrains requiring a specialized vehicle to experience everything that the country has to offer. The Tiger 800XC not only has distinct looks but also a beautiful motor, adequate power and great touring ability to transverse our lovely country. This ride was an attempt to communicate to the people that Triumph has a motorcycle that is capable for those looking to tour the nation and also have a passion to ride. The enthusiasm we have seen for the motorcycle during this journey has been immense and the rider was completely enthralled by the performance. Ultimately that’s the aim, to have a satisfied customer and also be able to create excitement for the brand amongst the people at large.With close to 600 Triumph riders already on the road across the country, we are looking to do similar trips and embark on motorcycling expeditions. This is just the start; we have a wide variety of motorcycles that offer something exclusive to every kind of rider and motorcycling enthusiast. And we are confident, soon India will be riding high on Triumph.”

The three-cylinder 800cc Triumph Tiger XC is the perfect motorcycle to dominate any terrain with its light weight, immense ground clearance and 95bhp of power and 79Nm of torque. 

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on 2014-08-10 01:49:23

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