Trophies stolen from National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham, UK

Trophies stolen from National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham, UK

Snapshot: Thieves broke into the museum on the night of August 27 and stole almost 100 trophies

National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham has reported a theft. It is believed that thieves broke into the museum on August 27 night and stole close to 100 trophies. Showcases were found smashed on the Thursday morning and the vintage racing bikes thrown on one side. Three quarters of the trophies stolen were won by TT star Geoff Duke. The 91 year old racer who still lives in Isle of Man won six TT races in his career. The museum has offered a reward of £20,000 for any information that leads to the recovery of the trophies.

Museum director James Hewing said people would be unable to sell the items. He added, "If you tried to sell them to a specialist or via one of the specialist auctioneers, everybody would know what they were. It would appear that it's been done.... for the value of the metal, of the silver. The stupid thing is of course a lot of them weren't silver. They're either silver plate or nickel."

Even though the exact number of stolen items was not mentioned by the museum, but officials say that both originals and replicas were missing. Museum said that the trophies stolen were "unique and irreplaceable as part of this country's motorcycling heritage." Thankfully, none of the motorcycles on display has been reported missing. 

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