Tuesday Cuteness: waving (or Pawing) like a boss!!

Tuesday Cuteness: waving (or Pawing) like a boss!!

Snapshot: Tuesday Blues? We are to the Rescue!!!!

Oh Yes!!! We know, you are sitting in your office waiting for the day to end desperately, or you are stuck doing some stupid assignment from college, waiting to go home and enjoy the festive season.  We totally understand what you are going through. But, hey!! Do not fret, we are here for you, and we have something to cheer you up after a long tiring day (and a lot of lunch) at office.

The One habit that most motorcyclists pick up is “the wave”: the simple gesture of recognition you give when you encounter another rider approaching. It doesn’t matter if it’s a total stranger, as long as they’re riding on two wheels, you lift your clutch hand and recognize your shared camaraderie.

Or in this rider’s case, you raise your left paw. Sweets, the English bulldog knows the code, recognizing another rider’s wave and returning one of her own.

Watch the video, after the jump, You can find more of Sweets, the Bulldogs videos on you tube.

Now that we have managed to bring smiles on your tired faces, its time you get back to work ( Naah! just kidding, stay with us and read rest of our stories and you wont be disappointed, that presentation can wait).

Enjoy People, Keep Reading!!!!


on 2014-10-21 04:48:31

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