TVS is gearing to Re-Launch Victor on Jan. 20th with Apache RTR 2004V!

TVS is gearing to Re-Launch Victor on Jan. 20th with Apache RTR 2004V!

Snapshot: An old famous workhorse returns on Jan. 20th with re-launch of brand Victor by TVS!

It was always on cards, the Victor brand was the founding stone for TVS with which they showcased their motorcycle market worth all those years ago and one just cannot let such an important name relegated to the past forever. There were rumours also, about the re-launch of the brand around the year end 2015 when a number of spied images were circulating of what seemed like a TVS commuter motorcycle.

Now, Autocar Professional is quoting that TVS is set to re-launch the Victor brand to the Indian market on January 20th, alongside the launch of the hugely anticipated and awaited Apache RTR2004V.However, no finer details are available as yet about what cc capacity Victor brand will make a comeback with, since both rumours are abound that it being a 100-110cc commuter as well as it being at least 125cc too.

It is interesting to note that TVS has offerings already in both the segments where the offerings like the Star City+, Star Sports, the TVS Max4R handles TVS fight in the 100-110cc commuter segment and the Phoenix 125 toiling hard in the 125cc segment. Thus with more offerings already present in the 100-110cc segment, it makes more sense for TVS to launch the already popular brand back into the market in the 125cc commuter segment thereby utilizing the connection Victor brand name enjoys in the Indian consumers mind as a leverage to make in-roads in the 125cc market share. Saying that, Victor, when re-launched will have the responsibility to increase the parent company's market share.

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on 2016-01-14 01:40:27

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