TVS- Motorrad Collaboration - all set for 2015 Debut!!

TVS- Motorrad Collaboration - all set for 2015 Debut!!

Snapshot: TVS-BMW Motorrad products to arrive in 2015!

The day first news of TVS collaboration with none other than the iconic BMW Motorrad started coming in, it has got the motorcycling circles of the country hooked to it. We have seen just how incredibly successful the KTM- Bajaj venture has been, and taking cues from it, the entire countries motorcycle lovers who are waiting with utter anticipation, should not come as a surprise. For TVS is known to product seriously good products with a penchant to give a nod to their racing heritage in the country (lets face it, no other Indian Motorcycle Manufacturer invests its resources and time in racing circles as much as TVS do, and we are proud of TVS for doing it), where as BMW Motorrad has been behind one of the most Iconic motorcycles , the world has ever seen.

Add to that, an absolute dearth of proper adventure-sport tourers in sensible pricing category, a category which suits India and Indian market like if it is tailor made for it. TVS's ability to control pricing and yet make quality product and BMW's absolute engineering prowess is a sure shot bet to produce one of the most interesting motorcycle India has ever got. The venture will be first proper fight against the shear dominance of KTM-Bajaj and we consumers will benefit like never before from it. 

Under the JV, the German automaker will take care of product development while TVS will be responsible for production. The product line which is expected to spawn various body styles are reported to have an engine displacement of 300 cc, a segment which is showing great potential worldwide including India and the U.S. The publication reports that there could be three derivatives of the small displacement lineup including a roadster, a sportsbike and a GS-like adventure tourer. TVS is also expected to have its own versions which are positioned in lower segments, catering to its target audience.

Mr. Schaller said that the original time frame will be maintained but the company may have to to put a little bit more resource into the process to keep up with the schedule.  The new range of compact Beemers are being engineered in Munich and will enter production at one of the TVS-owned facilities in India. The JV merges BMW’s product development strength with the Indian brand’s prowess in production. The TVS-BMW motorcycle line-up is expected to world premiere at the EICMA 2015 in November. 

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