TVS working on new semi-automatic gearbox for motorcycles

TVS working on new semi-automatic gearbox for motorcycles

Snapshot: The new SMT or semi-automatic gearbox is an evolution of the transmission first seen on Jive back in 2010.


The Hosur based auto maker has been working on a new type of gearbox for motorcycles which is an evolution of the semi-AMT or SMT gearbox that was first used in the TVS Jive, back in 2010. When seen for the first time, Jive’s transmission was quite a revolutionary gearbox but it had some issues. The fuel consumption was high due to unexpected behaviour of the powertrain. The time required to shift gears was more compared to the conventional gearbox and efforts were thus higher and so it was bound to fail even after being a ground breaking innovation.

This time the company has been granted patent for the semi-automatic gearbox which changes gears with the help of + and - buttons on the switchgears, this does reminds us of paddle shifters in cars. Similar systems are used in litre-class motorcycles like the Honda VFR1200 and Africa Twin but they are fully automatic. With the new gearbox the company will try to avoid all the problems that popped in the earlier phase of this transmission. The new SMT technology will be a major leap for the company towards making more convenient gearboxes. Stay tuned as we bring you more updates on the same and for more enquires don’t forget to hit us at

•  TVS Motor Company
on 2016-06-20 11:39:35

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