TVS-BMW Motorcycle Work in full force, Spare Parts Imported!

TVS-BMW Motorcycle Work in full force, Spare Parts Imported!

Snapshot: Expect the TVS-BMW Motorcycle to start testing soon!!

The day first news of TVS collaboration with none other than the iconic BMW Motorrad started coming in, it has got the motorcycling circles of the country hooked to it. We have seen just how incredibly successful the KTM- Bajaj venture has been, and taking cues from it, the entire countries motorcycle lovers who are waiting with utter anticipation, should not come as a surprise. For TVS is known to product seriously good products with a penchant to give a nod to their racing heritage in the country (lets face it, no other Indian Motorcycle Manufacturer invests its resources and time in racing circles as much as TVS do, and we are proud of TVS for doing it), where as BMW Motorrad has been behind one of the most Iconic motorcycles , the world has ever seen.

Add to that, an absolute dearth of proper adventure-sport tourers in sensible pricing category, a category which suits India and Indian market like if it is tailor made for it. TVS's ability to control pricing and yet make quality product and BMW's absolute engineering prowess is a sure shot bet to produce one of the most interesting motorcycle India has ever got. The venture will be first proper fight against the shear dominance of KTM-Bajaj and we consumers will benefit like never before from it. 

Now, our friends at Motoroids have been able to lay their hands on a piece of news from,, India’s import and export data tracking web portal suggests that the duo has already started importing various parts of its jointly developed motorcycle, code named, the K03. The TVS-BMW partnership will soon reap the fruit as the two companies start testing their jointly developed motorcycle for the Indian market. BMW Motorrad head Stephan Schaller had previously also confirmed the arrival of the jointly developed motorcycle in 2015. As you can see from the data above, the TVS-BMW duo has imported various prototypes in the country from Italy which would be seen on test mules.

Entering the smaller capacity motorcycle segment will help BMW tap the emerging markets for better reach. Moreover, the partnership with TVS will unveil a new segment for the Indian two-wheeler manufacturer and expand its product portfolio for the Indian audience. Expect to see this new motorcycle from TVS-BMW at Germany’s Intermot motorcycle show in October 2015.

TVS will fight in Dakar Rally 2015!!

2015 Debut for TVS-BMW Motorrad Collaboration!

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