Two more 150cc Scooters Imported by Yamaha in India

Two more 150cc Scooters Imported by Yamaha in India

Snapshot: Yamaha has been importing scooters in the 150cc range earlier and adding to the grid, the company recently imported two more 150cc scooters in India

As we know scooters segment has already overtaken the bike segment in terms of sales figures in India. Almost all of the major two-wheeler manufacturers are into the scooter race now and every next month we are witnessing a launch of another new scooter. Yamaha has already imported 155cc scooters in the past and recently two more 150cc scooters were imported by the company for research and development purposes.

Both of the scooters have been imported from none other than the Indonesian market where every other company offers a wide product line-up compared to the Indian market. Chances are that Yamaha might launch a 150cc scooter in India in mid 2016. The launch of this scooter will start a new era of power scooters in India as until now Indian market is flooded only with 110cc or 125cc scooters. Since the scooters features more power, bigger wheels and additional features the scooter might end up costing much more than the scooters present in India right now. Since in India the 125cc scooter marker is largely dominated by Honda. Yamaha have a very good chance to leap forward in the race. Apart from Yamaha only Piaggio is looking forward to introduce a 150cc scooter to the Indian market at least for now. 

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on 2015-06-02 11:20:39

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