Tyco Suzuki is a proud family after Isle Of Man TT 2014

Tyco Suzuki is a proud family after Isle Of Man TT 2014

Snapshot: With three podium finishes, Tyco Suzuki had a more than satisfactory TT fortnight

It seems that something is conspiring really hard to keep Guy Martin away from a TT win. The 32 year old Kirmington rider has been on podiums 15 times now, but hasn't won it once. This year was no exception. With one second and one third spot, he heads back home to come back next year and battle his way out with other legendary racers like John McGuinness, Michael Dunlop, Bruce Anstey and a few more for a win. In the beginning of the week, Martin was second in the TT Superbike where he also had his fastest ever lap around the course at over 130 mph. William Dunlop's third spot in Supersport Race 2 followed by a third by Martin in the Senior TT that took place on Friday the 6th kept the hopes alive for next year.

The number of podium finishes could have been 4 provided William Dunlop hadn't crashed in the third lap of the Senior TT race. In the same race, Martin did 3 laps at over 130 mph and other one at 129. After the event, a not so happy Guy Martin said, “The bike was just mint and the boys have done a great job again today. We rode a good race, which you can see by the lap times, but we have to take our hat off to Michael he’s riding well this week and that’s why he has won four. That’s probably the best Superbike set-up I’ve ever ridden around here, so yeah, we’ll have to come back next year and try again won’t we.”

Team manager, Philip Neill concluded by saying, “What a great effort from both our riders in the most prestigious of all TT races. In Superbike terms I believe William came of age in the Senior TT and firmly established himself as a challenger at international level. What a shame a small mistake resulted in a crash and ended his podium challenge. However, the most important thing is that he is relatively unscathed, considering this was a high-speed crash, but he will be back in racing very soon. Guy once again gave one hundred percent today and we are extremely pleased with a second podium finish from both Superbike races. We just didn’t have that last little bit to challenge Michael this week, but then no one else did either."

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