UM Motorcycles targeting 3000 units per month sales in India to start with!

UM Motorcycles targeting 3000 units per month sales in India to start with!

Snapshot: UM choosing right path to success in Indian market by concentrating on cruisers in Phase 1!!

It is no doubt that there exists a genuine enthusiasm around the UM Global product launch in India and considering the fact that the majority of the interest hovers around the cruisers in the UM Global's portfolio, it comes as no surprise that the American company is currently only concentrating on the cruiser segment in India, for time being , that is.

In an interview with our friends at Indianautosblog, Mr. Juan Villegas, the Global Director of Business Development, UM International LLC has confirmed UM"s dedication to the Indian cruiser motorcycle market. It is something that we reckon is a good plan to follow as there are already big players contesting closely in the sports and street naked segment, while the mid level (upto 600cc) cruiser segment is virtually being left by all the manufactures for Royal Enfield to play and dominate at.

Mr. Juan in the interview said that UM will concentrate on the cruiser segment first for Indian market because cruisers have always been the main business for the brand, while there are other segment offerings lying with the brand, it is the cruiser manufacturing and selling know how that UM Global believes will be useful in making inroads in the Indian market and in the hearts of Indian consumers. Another benefit in it is lack of competition in this segment in India, would mean it will be easier for the brand to establish itself before entering more contested segments.

Mr. Juan also discussed UM's plans to export manufactured units from India to other markets as well, especially the countries in the Indian sub-continent such as Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh, and then further into Asia and Asia, and Latin America as well.” He also added that UM is looking towards 10-15% of the entire production will be targeted for export markets.  

On asked about the capacity and volume targets for UM in  India, Mr. Juan said that UM wants an incremental growth and believes that by the end of 2016, UM will stand at good monthly numbers in the market. As per him, UM would be able to achieve more than 3000 units per month sales in the premium segment and said that is UM Global's goal to reach at least 5% market share in a segment of motorcycles that is roughly 6 Lakh unit per year strong currently in next couple of years.

Further on while discussing about the next line of products Mr. Juan said, that the products are already in development and that the Auto Expo launch of the first three products in also online.

Stay with us as we bring you more updates regarding the same!

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