Utterly Insane Scrambler Concept of Duke 390 by Holographic Hammer

Utterly Insane Scrambler Concept of Duke 390 by Holographic Hammer

Snapshot: Oh!!! this is Stunningly Awesomely Gorgeous!!!!!

Alright guys! let's start of the obvious stuff, We just love these stunning scrambler concept for the incredibly potent tiny hooligan, the KTM Duke 390. Infact the concept sketches shown below are probably the best sort of custom works we have seen in a long long time. The Sketches comes from Holographic Hammer a facebook page owned by Sylvain Berneron, who is working as a designer for BMW Motorrad in Munich. 

According to Sylvain,  "Building a custom bike takes a lot of time and money, as a designer I realized that the first idea is rarely the best. Perfection comes with exploring different options and trying unusual things. All my friends ride or work in the custom motorcycle business and I was always around them to quickly Photoshop their garage builds, and make them logos. That is the meaning of Holographic Hammer, a digital tool helping and simplifying the manual labour. I am convinced that doing a sketch before building helps to get the global proportion right and stay on track while doing it. Because you can easily get lost redoing the same part again and again until it works. 

Just like his other stunning works with design sketches, Sylvain took upon him to create a design study on the fabulous little monster, the KTM Duke 390 and create a scrambler avatar of the KTM. What he managed to do with the bikes proportion and design with his scrambler-oloustic (yeah, these designs are so stunning we had to create a word for these) take is a design that can sweep any motorcycle lover of his/her feet and Oh Boy!! we are totally smitten by it. The first of the lot is a pretty darn good looking dirt bike, wearing  a bright orange and yellow shade with KTM emblazoned on the sides of the tank in blazing blue. A little too high for practicality, the exhaust finds its way around the trellis frame to be positioned high-up and horizontally, and it could end up cooking a roasted rider legs for dinner if implemented as it is in a original construction. Like the exhaust, the handlebar, too, goes high up for an upright riding position, which we love as it will provide ample leverage to play around in dirt all day long, while the position of the rear-sets remains unchanged.

Towards the tail, there has been a comprehensive residn of the entire tail section and the new tail has a flavour of a retro-styled minimalistic fender. The addition  of the ribbed seat with a strap in the middle to hold on to for the adventorous pillion among you leaves no space for the step seat and grab rails. Front fender has been pushed up for an off-road attitude and the headlamp has been replaced with a round unit with tinted yellow glass. Stock instrumentation gets replaced with a twin pod unit, with an analogue speedo and tacho. In true off-road fashion, the bike rides on spoke wheels shod with knobblies. There is also a perforated steel casing to protect the engine from the stones and muck hurled at it by those groovy tyres.

The second variant is a study in black, with the mildest hints of silver in places. The exhaust stays where it is on the stock bike, though the ribbed seats look even classier on this one. Headlamp, unlike the other version is integrated with the triple trees. This one’s a street bike by design, so the stock wheels and tyres are kept unaltered.

Though the concepts would need some tweaking to put into a proper real world design built on a Duke 390, there is no denying the fact that these are incredible ideas and we are sure that a lot of individuals and the custom houses are going to bring their own takes of this concept soon enough.

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on 2015-02-16 01:24:01

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