Vespa's latest global TV commercial is all about individuality

Vespa's latest global TV commercial is all about individuality

Snapshot: Despite being a little vague, Vespa's latest commercial sends a message that will resonate with the prospective buyers

Vespa's latest TV commercial might not make sense in the first go, but see it a few times and you will know exactly what it wants to say. The campaign talks about standing out from the crowd and doing what you believe in doing. This is exactly the ideology Vespa follows - being unique. Which is evident from the unique styling and the vibrant colours Vespa scooters are available in.

The campaign's proposition 'Do You Vespa' is an extension of the brand's philosophy of 'Being 'Matchless'. The campaign aspires people to attain something which only those people 'who Vespa' possess. It simply means that the people who ride a Vespa are more full of conviction and determination, and are the trendsetters. The campaign draws a clear line between people who Vespa and people who don't.

Watch the 'Do You Vespa' commercial here

Commenting on the campaign, Mr. Ravi Chopra, CMD, Piaggio said, "This is a global campaign for Vespa.  A brand like Vespa goes beyond just the category it operates in and presents an ideology – a way of life. There would be those who identify with it that end up being Vespa riders. The campaign gives a perspective on the Vespa ideology and aims to attract more fans."

•  Vespa
on 2014-06-18 04:07:53

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