Video - Behold the Legend - Honda Africa Twin comes out in all its Glory!

Video - Behold the Legend - Honda Africa Twin comes out in all its Glory!

Snapshot: Oh Boy!!the wait is obver, and the Honda Africa arrives in style in a new Video!!!

We have said it before and we will say it again, Honda's decision to bring the Africa Twin to life after all these years of wait and desperate prayers from the motorcycle fraternity, has been a great one, even though it took decent number of years to make it a reality. Much like the insane opulence of the recently unveiled MotoGP replica, the atrociously expensive, RC13V-S, Honda it seems is hell bent on bringing the motorcyclists dreams to the real world.

What started with the first prototypes that were displayed at the EICMA 2014 back in November and a 6 part video series that started around the build-up of the 2015 Dakar Rally has now culminated into a final installment that has just leaked in to the world of web. And Yes! this time around you can witness the hugely awaited Honda Africa Twin in all its glory, and Oh Boy! it looks stunning as it takes on the world it is designed to own in the action footage.

And if all this action wasn't enough, the video shows an interesting footage of the HRC riders who discuss about the bike and its capabilities along with the Honda engineers, and stakeholders of the Africa Twin brand. It comes out as a decently informative discussion which tells us the story of the development of the world's first Dual-Clutch Transmission on an Adventurer Motorcycle platform.

The 1000cc Honda DCT monster promises to be a game changer for the ADV riders and the market, as it brings to the table, easier shifting through gears while from a standing position on the pegs, a welcome thing we say. Needless to say, we here are hoping big time that this bike when launched. makes it way round the Indian shores and if Honda is listening......

there is thing going around these days, and it is called 'Make in India Campaign'...

Watch the video to drool on a lazy Thursday morning!!

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