Video- Bike Helmet from the future

Video- Bike Helmet from the future

Snapshot: Called the AR1, this project received more than USD 1.3 million in crowdfunding, an achievement of its own kind.

Motorcycle helmet manufacturer, Skully, has launched world's most technologically advanced helmet. Called the AR1, this project received more than 1.3 million USD in crowdfunding, an achievement of its own kind. The major feature of this advanced helmet is an integrated head up display, rear view camera, GPS mapping and smartphone connectivity.

Marcus Weller, who is the founder and CEO of Skully, suffered an accident in 2011 due to negligent riding. He realized that, had it been for technology, he could have been saved from that tragic incident. This motivated him to work on this product, but lack of funds was pulling him back. So an innovative approach to collect the funds was adopted.

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He said “We are beyond excited to begin production on what has become the most anticipated motorcycle helmets in history. We are doing something so few companies have the opportunity to do; we are changing an industry and forcing the world to adapt. The AR-1 is our little dent in the universe. The AR-1 will introduce a new era in intelligent transportation by combining optics, intelligent vehicle systems and connectivity to deliver unprecedented levels of safety.”

Features of the SKULLY AR-1 include:

SKULLY SYNAPSE Heads Up Display system

Quick release chin strap and visor

3D laser-cut foam for a perfect fit

Lightweight, aerodynamic shell

Internet connectivity via smartphone

Visual turn by turn GPS navigation

180 degree rear view and blind spot camera

Bluetooth pairing to smartphone with music

Fully adjustable flow-through ventilation

Anti-Fog, Anti-Glare, Scratch resistant visor

Automatic Infinitely variable focal distance

We applaud the efforts of Skully here and also congratulate the people who participated in creating something revolutionary. Biking safety standards will surely go a notch up with the help of this helmet. We hope for more such technologically advance safety products in future.

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