Video: Certain Mr. Rossi talks about 2015 Yamaha YZF -R1!!

Video: Certain Mr. Rossi talks about 2015 Yamaha YZF -R1!!

Snapshot: The Moto GP God talks about the 2015 Yamaha R1!!

Not many souls have had an opportunity to ride the new game changing icon by Yamaha, the 2015 Yamaha YZF -R1. Saying that, if your name happens to Valentino Rossi and when you have somewhere in a modest home in Italy 9 world Championship titles in Moto GP classes, and above it all you wear leathers that have something like YAMAHA written on them, then my friend you just not get to ride the Yamaha YZF - M1's street legal Avatar, but you do get to have a bit of say in developing the next poster-boy of boyish manly dreams throughout the world.

At the official unveiling of the 2015 Yamaha, Rossi was heard saying, " “I want to say a great thank you for involving me in this important project to develop the new R1 for all the Yamaha riders,” Rossi said at the unveiling. “It was great. I like a lot to work and improve the bike, especially because the target is to make the R1 as much as possible like the M1 - my favourite bike! He continued “I think we did a great job. The bike is fantastic. I rode it for the first time on the racetrack in a secret test last year. It was very funny and here is the result.” 

The new generation R1 will race in Superbike championships, with the Milwaukee team already suggesting it will run two for BSB in 2015, while the manufacturer is tipped to make a factory comeback in World Superbikes in 2016. 

Yamaha describes the 199kg, 200-horsepower machine as being 'packed with Moto GP YZR-M1 technology', including a new crossplane ('big-bang') engine, short (1.4m) wheelbase chassis and high-tech electronics. 

Electronic development is one of the crucial areas for factory Moto GP involvement and the new R1 boasts, 'a 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit that constantly senses chassis motion in 3D, creating controllability over traction, slides, front wheel lift, braking and launches'. 

Who would be better to learn more about the new 2015 YZF-R1 than Movistar Yamaha Moto GP Rider, Valentino Rossi himself. Moto GP presenter Gavin Emmett speaks to the Italian professional motorcycle racer about this new offering and his experience riding it. 

The 998cc inline 4-cylinder 4-valve crossplane engine develops 200PS without the use of ram air induction. But what’s interesting is the fact that the motorcycle only weights 199 kilograms (wet) which gives it a good power-to-weight ratio of 1.005 PS/kg. The crossplane engine has been derived from M1 (Yamaha’s MotoGP motorcycle) technology.

The track god 2015 Yamaha R1m in action!!

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