Video - Cold Tuesday anyone? Get all fired up watching this Trial Bike take on a Roller Coaster!!

Video - Cold Tuesday anyone? Get all fired up watching this Trial Bike take on a Roller Coaster!!

Snapshot: So what if you have time and a trial bike? Oh Yeah!! you will hop and jump on a Roller Coaster of course!!!

My Mother has never really liked me riding motorcycles, she has this eternal hatred towards these beautiful things with tires, engine, and some soulful character and a lot of smoke, since the day I first came back from a bruised knee, a pretty bashed up elbow bleeding some red coloured lubricant sort of thing and yes, no prizes of guessing, I was in considerable pain too. The thing is, motorcycling is dangerous, but it is also fun, incredibly fun as a matter of fact. However, Mother's being what they are, it will always be a darn tough task to explain to them why it is ok to end up with a few bruises here and there, while a few broken bones are just a part of stories we will tell the world about our motorcycling endeavours.

Saying that, I dread for the day when my mother opens up our website and see the stuff like the one in the video below and go all fiery furious with all those profoundly long preaches about why I am not supposed to get myself killed by a motorcycle. All legit reasons and dialogues there, but then what is a life without some risk involved, right? and I am sure my fellow likeminded rider clan would endorse my thoughts (I am sure, they get their usual dose of bashing from their mother's too). Sometimes I do sit and think, may be, just may be I have some weird circuitery going inside my mind, but then I come across stuff like the video we are talking about here, and I am assured, I am no way near uteerly bonkers as some of the guys on this planet.

So, landing back to the story,  Frenchman Julien Dupont is a legend in the motorcycle trials world. But sometimes, he just wants to have a little fun. So what does he do? He arranges for Red Bull (I am really really sure that the only criteria to get hired at Red Bull is to be, truly, properly, utterly bonkers) to get him access to the Montaña Rusa, a famous wooden roller coaster in Mexico City. At one time, the  Montaña Rusa was the tallest roller coaster in the world.

Now, the 3/4-mile-long attraction is Dupont’s personal playground. While working his way along its full length, Dupont also had to use skill and power to reach up to 33m off the ground on a structure designed for a powerless train assisted only by gravity. Not just that, he also performed two backflips while he was at it. Still terrified of visiting amusement parks? Watch the video.

Be a Responsible Rider, Not a Fool!!!

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