Video - Cory West and the EBR 1190SX, recipe for some fun!

Video - Cory West and the EBR 1190SX, recipe for some fun!

Snapshot: What racers do on their off day? Come find it out!

When Cory West isn’t piloting his EBR 1190RX Superbike around the racetrack, he’s helping the EBR boys develop its the road going version of the RX, along with the 1190SX “Superfighter.” Thankfully, West doesn’t always take his job too seriously. We are lucky that someone had the sense enough to keep a camera handy when Cory decided to have some fun with the bike.

Watch in this video, as West shows off for the camera and gives you a glimpse of what he does on his day off.

Cory West likes the EBR 1190SX, as he showed us in the video above, on his day off working at the EBR factory in Wisconsin. However, that was just the beginning of West’s antics on the SX. Check out where he’s taken the SX on yet another day off. The dirt oval! The video below really doesn’t need much more of an introduction than that. Here’s Cory going back to his dirt track roots on the EBR 1190SX.

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