Video - Dakar Rally: Honda's Dream of Conquering it!!

Video - Dakar Rally: Honda's Dream of Conquering it!!

Snapshot: Honda releases 1st video from a series of videos titled True Adventure!!

The world toughest race by a fair margin, Dakar Rally has always been the pinnacle of Rider and Machine Endurance Test. While, most events since the inception in 1978 were from Paris, France, to Dakar, Senegal, but due to security threats in Mauritania, which led to the cancellation of the 2008 rally, the 2009 Dakar Rally was run in South America (Argentina and Chile). It has been held in South America each year since 2009. The race is open to amateur and professional entries, amateurs typically making up about eighty percent of the participants.

As we have discussed in detail, the Paris-Dakar Rally was one of the most gruelling tests of man and machine. It was for this very reason Honda set out to conquer it. Which it did, for four consecutive years in 1986, ’87, ’88, and ’89. In this first episode in Honda’s “True Adventure” series, entitled “The Dream,” the experience of competing, surviving and winning the Dakar rally is captured and re-told from the people who were there, including five-time winner Cyril Neveu. It’s surely no coincidence the title of this series coincides with the True Adventure prototype Honda unveiled at EICMA earlier this year, which leads us to believe the series will culminate in an official unveiling of the bike early next year.

In the video below, listen as the riders describe the loneliness that sets in when riding in the middle of the desert. How they form an unusual bond with their machine as it’s their only companion. Almost two decades on, it’s this Honda spirit of True Adventure that has spurred a whole new generation of riders to explore new boundaries on two wheels. Stay tuned for future episodes from this series.

We recommend you sit alone, wear your earplugs and listen to the scintillating world of pure adrenaline filled motorcyclists talk about motorcycling and Dakar. Prepare yourself for some much deserved Goosebumps and immense respect for these men.

Our own TVS is also partcipating at Dakar Rally 2015!!

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