Video - Dani Pedrosa spending MotoGP summer break Supermoto Style!

Video - Dani Pedrosa spending MotoGP summer break Supermoto Style!

Snapshot: Watch Dani Pedrosa having some serious fun with Supermoto Bike during MotoGP summer break!!

The MotoGP paddock is currently enjoying a much needed break from the fast paced world of premier class motorcycle racing. However, these are riders we are talking about and you cant really keep them away from motorcycles. Dani Pedrosa is no different and keeping him away from the things on two wheels is well "Not Gonna Happen' sort of thing.   Probably one of the most under rated riders at the paddock much like his former team mate Casey Stoner (who suffered a massive crash at Suzuka 8 Hour - WATCH  VIDEO HERE), Dani is among the most sober soft spoken people at the paddock, and along with it probably among the best motorcycle racers that have lived.

Here, Dani, in order to keep his racer edge as sharp as ever and training schedule fun, joined the famous sultan of slides, the European Luc1 Supermoto Team. Not just the achievements on track but the Luc1 Supermoto Team has an incredible nick of promoting themselves in a way that should be noticed and followed by the racing teams throughout the world, since, like it or not, without sponsors, it is tough to survive in the racing circuit for long.

Without wasting more time, here have a look at the video of sheer awesomeness with Dani Pedrosa having some proper Supermoto fun with his HRC Brethren at Luc1, Dani might be fluent in five languages, but the poetry he is capable on two wheels is something we are absolute fans of!!!

Watch the Video below....

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on 2015-08-03 11:15:56

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