Video - GAS GAS employees Hang Effigy saying 'KTM, This is not your Home' to greet KTM Officials

Video - GAS GAS employees Hang Effigy saying 'KTM, This is not your Home' to greet KTM Officials

Snapshot: Well, KTM did get a warm welcome of different sorts at GAS GAS factory!!


We had previously reported that the Spanish Motorcycle manufacturer GAS GAS has been going through some serious financial issues and has been on the lookout for new owners to make sure it survives the current tough phase. Currently under significant debt, the Spanish company needs a owner that can bring in enough money to make sure that the accounts bear a lesser lighter shade of red if not all green.

Among the prospective buyers, KTM has also shown interest in purchasing GAS GAS, however, the interest did not seems to have reciprocated the employee's of the Spanish company who have given a less than warm hospitality to the Austrian companies delegates who were visiting the factory. KTM's interest in the company is largely based on the fact that KTM wants to add a robust trial bike to its portfolio of highly capable off-road motorcycles.

However, when the KTM officials arrived for the visit, they were greeted by two stacks of burning tires and an effigy dressed in a KTM shirt, the effigy being hung at the wall closer to the entrance. Furthermore, on the effigy it was written in German and in English saying, 'KTM: This is not Your Home!'

Though the video below is good enough to explain the stand of most of the employees of GAS GAS, we believe, it largely related to the KTM buying out of Husqvarna that resulted in the shifting of the entire Husqy manufacturing to Austria, leaving its Italian employees distraught.  Currently, it is not known how the meetings went, but considering the welcome KTM got, things won't be easy for the Austrian company if it decides to buy GAS GAS.

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