Video - Honda says 'The Adventure Continues' – More Africa Twin models to come?

Video - Honda says 'The Adventure Continues' – More Africa Twin models to come?

Snapshot: why is there this video on Honda Motorcycles Europe Youtube page?....we wonder...

We have seen the Africa Twin, we all have. Ever since the first coming of the legendary Africa Twin name at EICMA 2014 and the subsequent series of trailers showing off the production spec bikes earlier this year, we have been drooling over the Honda’s answer to the ADV market. The Honda CRF1000L is a 2106 model with deliveries yet to begin for customers.

Now, something interesting has been uploaded on the Honda Motorcycles Europe YouTube page and we found it a bit peculiar, because why Honda would be teasing a model that has been previewed already and that too with much fanfare?

Also, it is not quite evident from the video about what can be on offer; it is just two riders going around doing the things Honda Africa Twin seems to be so much capable of doing through backcountry terrains. Thus, the best guess would be that Honda might be getting ready to offer a variant or two of the Honda CRF1000L soon. It being a ‘touring’ variant seems to be the best idea, if our thinking is true, that is. However, this means a bit farfetched if you consider the fact that the 2016 Africa Twin hasn’t even reached the dealerships yet.

Another thought process might mean that there can be a presence of a smaller Africa Twin which would complement its bigger sibling and help capture a larger pie of the ADV segment for Honda. But then, with the CRF1000L yet to reach customers, market and even the media, it is hard to understand why Honda would start a campaign for the promotion of a newer Africa Twin!

November 16th, 2015 will give us the answer, till then enjoy the video below.....

Saying that, the good thing is that we won’t have to wait long to find out though, as EICMA 2015 is just round the corner!

And here is Marc Maquez riding a Honda Africa Twin - Watch the Video!!

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