Video - Honda True Adventure Episode 2: Live Unlike the Others!!

Video - Honda True Adventure Episode 2: Live Unlike the Others!!

Snapshot: Live like no others with Honda True Adventure!!

Last week we brought you what was the Episode 1 of Honda's release of True Adventure Videos, it was the story of how Honda desired to tame the Dakar Rally, the iconic wild race that is the world's toughest race. Today we have got for you a video which continues to build up from the last one. In the Episode two, the spotlight turns to ordinary people with an extraordinary urge to explore the world, be it through paved roads or otherwise. Here, we meet a few of them, as they talk about their journeys through life and time.

Some are travelling on old C90s, others on new CRF250Ls. All are venturing down the road less travelled, and all are experiencing life-changing events because of it. The build up, of course, is in anticipation of Honda’s new Adventure bike the company teased with the True Adventure Prototype at EICMA this year. A true world traveller has been missing in Honda’s line up for some time and its arrival would raise the stakes in the Adventure-Touring game, currently occupied by a list of manufacturers around the world.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. For now, simply enjoy and become inspired, by episode two of True Adventure...

True Adventure Episode 1 - read the story here!!

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on 2014-12-22 05:41:33

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