Video - Ice + Drifting +2-Wheels + 4-Wheels = Wow!!!

Video - Ice + Drifting +2-Wheels + 4-Wheels = Wow!!!

Snapshot: That is some EPIC Ice Drifting!!

We apologise for bringing up the mathematics into the mix, and Yes, we know this particular subject has given most of us some real head (and heart)ache  through our lives.  However, you can trust us to bring in some fun for you even with the idea of dreadful Maths roaming around in these symbols.

We have a video here with us, which has Ice, and a few interesting people, with two wheels, four wheels, a lot of drifting, and yes some brought some leftover explosives from, well, a lot of explosives to provide some nifty pyro-techniques!!

If you live anywhere near a frozen body of water, the riding season doesn’t have to be over for you! Take these folks, for example. Armed with a Polaris RZR UTE and a Suzuki GSX-R1000, winter wasn’t going to stop them. With metal spikes in their tires and a frozen lake at their disposal, watch the drift action they get into…then rethink whether or not your bike should really be stored away for the winter. Oh, and as an added bonus there’s gratuitous explosions! Enjoy.

on 2014-12-22 06:42:28

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