Video - Isle of Man TT Preview!!

Video  - Isle of Man TT Preview!!


Isle of Man TT is by a fair margin the most dangerous race in the world. Finding its roots way back in 1907 Isle of Man TT is among the world's oldest races. Even after all these years, TT is continuing to find larger crowds coming in for the iconic race. The TT is growing. An estimated 26 million people watched the races last year, up 5% from 2013’s figure. That growth comes both domestically in the UK (+8%) and abroad, as the Isle of Man continues to find global partners for TV coverage and rebroadcasting. The Isle of Man TT races media package is estimated at over £13 million, not counting the massive economic benefit the races bring to the island nation during the course of the TT fortnight. Road racing is big business.

The off-season posturing is already in full-swing, with Michael Dunlop and BMW Motorrad seemingly parting ways, despite a very productive 2014 season. Instead Guy Martin will be on the German brand, perhaps giving him his best shot at a TT race win ever. No one can count out John McGuinness, of course, as he looks to top Joey Dunlop’s outright TT race-win record. McPint is a contender in every class he enters, though his best hopes are surely in the electric class, where Team Mugen is the outfit to beat. The electric bikes will be looking to lap 120 mph on the Isle this year, which is proper fast — no matter what standard you use — and puts those top competitors will be in Supersport-pace territory.

We are six months away from the start of the 2015 Isle of Man TT, which for fans and media seems like an eternal amount of time, but for the organizers and competitors, the waiving of the green flag must surely seem like the event is rapidly approaching. While we keep ticking off the days to the first Mountain Course session, here’s a teaser video to the 2015 season, to whet your appetite. It’s expertly done, as usual.

The Rise of Electric TT and the legend of McGuiness!!!

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