Video - Jealously Alert! - Honda delivers first RC213V-S to Customer!

Video - Jealously Alert! - Honda delivers first RC213V-S to Customer!

Snapshot: Well, this is where we get jealous and proud of Mr. John Brown, first ever person to own a Honda RC213V-S!

​Yeah Yeah Right! You are not supposed be jealous of someone else's success and you know things like that. We have been taught this while we were growing up, but then back in those times they didn't make things like the Honda R213V-S, infact, most never dreamt of something like that back then. So it is not a sin to drool and to be jealous at the same time on the destiny of a few rare souls on this planet who could afford this €188,000 or 1.36 crores (excluding duties) “MotoGP bike with lights”.

Saying that, Mr. John Brown, with THAT smile in the pic above has got himself a rather fitting Christmas-New Year Gift. A Honda RC213V-S just got delivered to him making him the first ever person in the whole of this third rock from the sun to take the delivery of the new age of hyperbiking for normal roads.

Mr. John Brown, who is a British national apart of being a Honda motorcycles collector, a considerably rich man also happens to own and run a Honda motorcycle dealership in Manchester. At the time of the delivery, Brown has said, " When I first heard of this project I thought ‘when this happens I have to have one of these’. It is a truly amazing opportunity to own a piece of HRC racing history. As soon as it went on sale I registered my interest on the website, and when I received the call from Honda to say my order was accepted it was a very special day for me”.

Brown further added, " I joined my family business as a 17-year old and have been a Honda dealer ever since. My dealership has been one of the top-three in the UK for many years and the bike will be great with my existing collection. I’d like to thank all the people at Honda for making this dream come true.”

It should be noted that the limited unit production run of the RC213V-S is already sold out meaning that Honda has got around €40 million into the account of the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer. This should mean that such huge amount of money should easily off set much of the HRC's MotoGP bike's development costs.

With a trend in recent times sprouting in the industry for such ultra special motorcycles being made in very small numbers for interested wealthy collectors means that motorcycles like the RC213V-S could been dreamt off and made a reality. And, with Honda saying that other customers will start to get deliveries for their bookings of the RC213V-S motorcycles in the new the New Year, be assured of getting your jealousy button pushed a bit more often.

Hoping to see this convert into an all new golden era of motorcycling. Amen!

Watch the Video below to witness the Delivery!!

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