Video -John's TVC for Castrol biking app

Video -John's TVC for Castrol biking app

Snapshot: Castrol releases a new TVC for its biking app featuring John Abraham

John Abraham as we all know is a Bollywood superstar and a hardcore biker. John is actively involved with the biking community and you can find a bunch of superbikes parked in his garage. John kick started superbike culture in India with his Bollywood movie ‘Dhoom’ and till date couple of more movies have been added to the list that carried Dhoom’s legacy. John is the official brand ambassador for Yamaha India.

The Television commercial of Castrol Power Biking app shows John Abraham riding a Royal Enfield to the Himalayan Mountains. The video clearly showcases the spirit of a biker who fights against all the odds to ride his bike to the destination. A part of the video shows John asking himself “why do I ride?” after all the clips showing the flat tire in middle of now where, the lost directions, the discomfort it is to ride in rough terrains.. It’s not easy. If it was then everyone else would’ve been doing it.

At the end of the commercial John answer’s his own question saying “What else is there?” people ride to explore the unknown, they ride to experience the things they haven’t known all their lives. They ride to explore the answers hidden into the unknown. 

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