Video - Kawasaki USA Explains its Vulcan S Ergo-Fit Concept!!

Video - Kawasaki USA Explains its Vulcan S Ergo-Fit Concept!!

Snapshot: Kawasaki Talks about a unique feature on Vulcan S enabling all rider size's to fit perfectly on it without extra cost!!!


We covered the unveiling of Vulcan S at EICMA 2014 for you, and if you remember we were all in awe of this bike and believed that this should be brought to our Indian market soon enough. We reckon it suits perfectly to the Kawasaki portfolio in the country which lacks a cruiser and the way it has been priced in the US market, we believe it might just come in to bring some decent fight to the established Harley-Davidson cruisers in the entry level segment in India.  Now looking at the attached video we are surely wanting to have this bike sooner than later with this feature in our country.

In the video below, Kawasaki’s Kevin Allen explains an innovative new idea in the Ergo-Fit concept, seen on the 2015 Vulcan S. To accommodate a wide variety of rider sizes, the Ergo-Fit concept is a system in which participating Kawasaki dealers can tailor the Vulcan S to suit the individual’s body type, free of charge, at time of purchase. This is done by moving pegs, adjusting bars, and, in some cases, replacing the seat with a unit that either moves the rider closer or further away from the bars.

The Vulcan S is new in the cruiser category from Kawasaki. Aiming at a younger demographic, its styling is modern and fresh. Powered by the same parallel-Twin engine seen in the Ninja and Versys 650s, it provides manageable power both novices and experienced riders will appreciate. But perhaps its most noteworthy feature is the Ergo-Fit concept. Check it out below.

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