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Video: Marc Marquez reviews the new Africa Twin

Snapshot: The video below shows Marc Marquez enjoying the ride on Africa Twin and sharing his riding experience.

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The new Honda Africa Twin is based on a 998cc, Liquid Cooled SOHC parallel twin engine with 270 degrees crank. It has a massive 9.8 inch of ground clearance. The Africa Twin comes with 3 level HSTC (Honda Selectable toque control). The video below shows Marc Marquez enjoying the ride on Africa Twin and sharing his riding experience of the bike.  

Marc says, “The first experience with the Africa Twin was great, you can keep high speed for a long time. Ok, in the tight corners you must be careful but for the big roads it was really nice and I enjoy it a lot.

It’s a bike that looks big and heavy but for the jumps it was really stable, and we were able to jump and the reception (?) was good. Even though it’s a bike for long straights and to be fast, on the tight corners and the jumps the handling was good too.

One of the most important things on the bike and where it felt good was the position. It was really comfortable, when I was sitting on the bike the position was really good, but also when I stand on the bike I feel good and that gives me a good confidence.

Made by Honda means quality. Quality and also the experience of Honda, all that technology that they use in the cars, the normal people can use here.”

Do let us know what you think about the video in the comment section below. Here is another video on the new Africa twin.