Video: Meet Lily the simplest flying drone ever made

Video: Meet Lily the simplest flying drone ever made

Snapshot: Lily is one of those flying drones ever made that floats on water and is still available at a very accessible rate

We already have GoPros and other brilliant cameras today that are currently being used in every other field of photography. Today we introduce to you Lily, the flying drone that is capable of recording 1080P videos at 60 fps and 120 fps Slo-mo at 720P. Lily not only records high-quality videos but also captures astonishing 12 Mega-pixel pictures while hovering over your head. It is equipped with whole bunch of sensors including Barometer sensor, Magnetometer sensor, Three-axis Gyro sensor, GPS and an accelerometer sensor. It is available for pre-order on the internet at an equivalent rate of INR 33,140.

The best thing about Lily is that it doesn’t require anyone to guide it using controllers. It is indeed one of the simplest flying drone made till date, you just need to keep the tracker device in your pocket or tie it to your hand like a watch then throw the drone in the air and it’ll start automatically. After the rotors starts spinning it will follow the tracker device where ever it goes. The maximum flight time of the drone is near 20 minutes while it takes 2 hours to charge to the maximum. The highest altitude that it can attain is 50ft while the lowest it can fly is 5ft from the ground. Lily is fully water proof and is capable of floating over water that enables the user to land it on the surface of water whenever required. The top speed this drone can fly up to is 40 km/hr. Lily weighs only 1.3kgs and is 26.1cms in width. It is designed in such a way that it can be easily be fitted inside a bag pack still strong enough to handle high winds when flying. 

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