Video - Mid Week Crisis - an act of a Vanishing and Re-appearing Gixxer!

Video - Mid Week Crisis - an act of a Vanishing and Re-appearing Gixxer!

Snapshot: Yeah! this is something we totally wanna do. TOTALLY!!

We are BACK!!!! we know this is some serious hotness of the wrong kind being served to us from the Sun god, but then, we can't help with that but we wish we had super powers to make these summers to a step or two less. However, we can't even get our boss say yes to give us a work from home, so superpower thing is not applicable here, No Sir ;)

However, when one talks about making something disappear, we can only think about one thing right now in this moment. For today's Mid-Week crisis healer, we have a Gixxer, a rather shy one who happens to be shy enough to vanish the moment it starts getting attention but then it is also interested enough to re-appear when we wonder what happened! In short it is something of a behaviour which we are used to find in women, mostly pretty ones, but, well let's not go over that route shall we!

So, here in the below video, there is a woman, pretty woman that is, her name is Chloe Crawford, and she is a magician from the Portsmouth via Las Vegas and she decided to arrive at the famous show, Britain's Got Talent on a 2015 MotoGP livery Suzuki GSX-R only to make it vanish without a trace and then to make it re-appear with some seriously awesome finesse. The act did got huge praise and applause from the crowd and also got a usually 'not-impressed' Simon Cowell look totally sold!

We wish we could learn such art and make one Ducati Panigale 899 from the Ducati Gurgaon dealership and bring it home!! Alas, we aren't that talented!!

What would you like to "Vanish' tell us in comments!!


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on 2015-05-28 03:26:44

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