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Video - Mid Week Crisis Anyone? We heal your Sorrows People!!!

Video - Mid Week Crisis Anyone? We heal your Sorrows People!!!

Snapshot: So what is the simmplest way to change front tyre on Mototrcycle, check it out!!!

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Here it is again, the dreadful Wednesday, a time in every week when the weekend past and the weekend future are equally distant. Sunken in our office chairs and lecture halls, we dream of the green pastures of weekends, when contemplate where we shall ride this coming but yet far far away weekend and are desperate to find ways to see these long days through. We know the feeling , and we have just the thing to bring back the fun, smiles and the adrenaline to let you all survive through the weekend.

Imagine you have a front tyre puncture or let's just say, you just don't like the tyre at all. Moreover, you don't feel like stopping while ride to change that rotating piece of rubber. So what do you do? Off Course you All you need are the proper tools, a truck, and a friend who’s really good at performing wheelies.


Friends, well, they do not let us to weird stuff alone. Thsi video is an example of just how awesome it is to have someone who can film all the weird stuff you end up doing with your friends in free time. At least, that’s what we got out of this video from Wetten, Dass..?,  a German variety show featuring people performing some pretty difficult and bizarre tasks.

For this challenge, two stunt riders and a support crew on a truck swap out the front wheel on a BMW F800R while performing a wheelie down a long runway. You know, we won't even say that you should not try doing this at home, because the video is self explanatory why you shouldn't bother doing it. 
On the other hand, since we have managed to bring some fun to this Mid Week Crisis of yours (and ours).Cheers and Enjoy Fellow riders, ride safe, and tell us whatever you feel like talking about motorcycles in the comments below.

How to Portugal when you are next in Portugal!!!!