Video - Mid Week Crisis - That's how Kids should be brought up!

Video - Mid Week Crisis - That's how Kids should be brought up!

Snapshot: Yeah this goes to the ones who have these tiny little things going around raising hell, happy Mid Week Crisis Healer for you!!

We are BACK!!! Yes, we like coming back like this, and you should read it in Arnold Schwarzenegger voice from Terminator series of movies. Point is, we know you are suffering from mid week crisis, combined with these utterly ruthless summers and the absence of things like rains, wind, respite, etc in almost whole of North India (our friends at the south of the north of our fair country, we tell you, you are the lucky kind right now) going through such times in indeed tough.

It becomes even more tougher when you have just only found feet in the corporate jungle of the world and as you contemplate saving money to buy yourself a middle weight or a superbike, people back home have some seriously spoilsport ideas brewing inside their minds, read 'Marriage' here. Yeah that dreadful thingy we all riders fear of and why not? we love them bikes and them rides and them friends and them stories ;)

However, sadly though, we can't rant about that here, not a right platform for it, apparently something of this sort has been told to us. So, we do the next best thing, we talk about kids, you know those tiny little human like things that seem to have infinite energy to destroy things and raise hell. Right. That kind (just kidding, we love kids, you can always blame them for the things you break ;) )

So, imagine yourself, you are married and now you have a son who is around 4 years old. You are supposed to take care of him and things like fathers are supposed to do, but then, you are a rider, a motorcycle lover, and yes, as your mother and wife thinks, you are the bonkers kind. What would you do with your tiny little devil? Of Course! Isn't it obvious? You will teach him how to do proper stunting on his Mini Moto bike. What else can be more kick ass awesome than that? Nothing, the answer is nothing.

In the below video you would see just a kid, doing just the thing all dads would be proud off. So thank us when we suggest you the ways of making parenthood both interesting and adventurous at the same time. And, In case people say that this sounds scary risky, then shoo them off by saying, "these are kids in any case, they will fall and get hurt, big deal" and then rest your case by quoting Batman's father from Batman Begins, "Why do we fall Bruce? So we can learn to pick our self again"

You are welcome! Watch the video below - 

Now get back to work, Schools have gone pretty expensive these days and you need them Monies for that...

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