Video - Mid-Week Crisis - Here is how to Splashy Splash your KTM 1190 Adventure R

Video - Mid-Week Crisis - Here is how to Splashy Splash your KTM 1190 Adventure R

Snapshot: Oh Boy!! Watching this has made us desperate for a ride!!!

Ahoy fellow Riders!!! SUMMERS are here and we are loving it!!! Actually not exactly, but yes our HR department is wondering why we are spending long hours at office these days, and yes, the pretty nice Air conditioning at the office is to blame for it ;). However, nothing makes up for a great ride through the non-road, off-road, where are those roads? kind of terrains during summers, it both tests ones stamina as well as for the fact that most of these places lack human interventions at peak summers, last time we checked, off roading was meant to be one with the nature and not the kind that God created in his own image!

So, saying that, think about what we would have thought when we came across this video and trust us you won't be wrong to include 'jealous' as the word to describe our feels!! So here is certain Mr. Chris Birsh, who has this slightly OK achievement of being a Red-Bull sponsored Racer and a Off-Roading Coach (actually it is pretty BIG thing, but hey, our jealous mode is on, remember!) who decided to take his KTM 1190 Adventure R through the brilliant trails of his homeland New Zealand.

So next time around when someone sitting on a comfortable bean bag (yours truly, right now, Rally Yellow coloured Bean Bag stolen from my bosses cabin, #BoredRebel) and wonders who actually takes these adventure tourers to off road endeavours, show them this video.

So this here is 3:18 minute long sheer jealousy inducing epic locations, brilliant bike, incredible rider and a hell lot of splashy splash fun perfect for a hugely slow and boring Mid-Week crisis healer

Watch and tell us where would you go and ride such a beast if you had one!!!

God We need to ride now!!!!

Still Bored? here is the link for our Mid-Week Crisis healer page. Thank us Later!!!

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on 2015-05-21 04:35:48

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