Video - Midweek Crisis is Back and Yes Like Always we got your Back

Video - Midweek Crisis is Back and Yes Like Always we got your Back

Snapshot: Leave your work, and watch some EPIC Lego Fun....

Yeah, those dreadful days are back, the new year celebrations ended long ago and the winters still bite as they used to, and if you are like us and certain Mr. Cupid has, like always skipped shooting arrows in a right target, the upcoming weekend wouldn't really help in fun regards either. But, Friends do not fret, we are here (and yes, we are as bored as you are right now) and we have just the remedy for these Mid Week Crisis of yours.

And the remedy is, LEGO!!!! well we might have outgrown our cute little Donald Duck T-Shirts from the glorious 90's but we are still as glorified child(ish) as we always were. We miss Talespin and we adore the Minions, and this gives us all the rights to say Lego rather shout like we used to do LEGO!!!! there we said that . Now enough of the talks, the internet has infinite number of video that pit cars against bikes and no doubt we love them, however, when we were told that someone took it on him to reinvent such an unoriginal format of testing a car and a bike on a track and added LEGO's to it and we said, Oh Yeah!!!!

A Korean Lego enthusiast going by the name Ppung Daddy assembled the new Lego Technic 42036 Street Motorcycle kit, equipping it with a pair of training wheels, an electric motor and remote control. He then put together a Lego Technic 42039 Le Mans-style race car kit and equipped it with a pair of motors and a similar remote control. After that, he took the next logical step and took both assembled vehicles to a running track and drag raced them. And yes, those high pitched loud cheers and Yippie you heard...that was us!!!! 

Now get back to work, there is still some time left in office hours ;)

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on 2015-02-11 05:28:38

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