Video- Ninja H2 finally launched

Video- Ninja H2 finally launched

Snapshot: The model unveiled is a closed course model, meaning the H2 is only available for the track purposes.

Okay, okay! No more teaser videos, no more speculations. After teasing the motorcycling aficionados with a series of teasers and news, popping out every now and then about the leaked specs and the images, the Kawasaki finally launched the Ninja H2 today at the Intermot, Cologne, Germany. The unveiling comes with the launch of the 10th video in the series and shows, how spectacular this bike is!

Though, there is a catch in the story. The model unveiled is a closed course model, meaning the H2 is only available for the track purposes. A statement said "The H2 is only available as a closed-course model. Fitted with slick racing tires, it may not be ridden on public roads and should only be ridden by experienced riders." That would explain why the bike don't have any headlight and instead an alien looking front.

A bad news for all the enthusiasts we say, but the good thing is that the company may reveal a street version in the upcoming EICMA show in November. The H2 will get a steel trellis frame complete with single-sided swing-arm. The trellis “provided both the strength to harness the incredible power of the supercharged engine, and balanced flex to help stability for high-speed competition riding.” said a statement. The bodywork is heavily carved out of the carbon fiber and the design is aerodynamically very sound. The Kawasaki Aerospace Company made sure that the bike has minimum drag and for this they developed a special Mirror-finish black chrome paint.


Engine: Supercharged, In-line 4 cylinder, liquid cooled

Displacement: 998cc

Supercharger: Centrifugal, scroll type

Power: 300HP (Approx)

Frame: Trellis, High tensile steel

Front Tyre: 120/600 R17 (racing slick)

Rear Tyre: 190/650 R17 (racing slick)

Much said and done, we are disappointed by the approach Kawasaki took by launching only a track version, after creating much hype about the bike. Still, we are hopeful that the coming days will see a street legal version too.

See the images which were revealed earlier, here.

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Watch the video revealing the bike here.


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