Video - Official Dakar 2016 Teaser is out and we are already Psyched!

Video - Official Dakar 2016 Teaser is out and we are already Psyched!

Snapshot: And it ha arrived, watch the trailer of the 2016 Dakar Rally and have a pleasure of motorcycling goosebumps!!!

For the initiated and the mad, the Dakar rally has always been the pinnacle of endurance and of sheer will to make it through the world's toughest race. For years Dakar has proved to be the breeding ground of legends and of stories drenched in absolute bravery and convictions stronger than steel making normal human showcase superhuman levels of dedication and hard work just to complete the race.

The 2016 edition of Dakar promises to be the same and to let us know the depth of it all the organizers of the iconic race have released the official trailer for the upcoming Dakar rally, and it has given us some serious goose bumps already. Consisting of footage from the previous year races the video presents the various terrains racers have to fight through to complete the race, from mountains to deserts from chilling temperatures to boiling hot days, the race has it all. If that is not all, the video beautifully captures the relentless pursuit and the un-dying spirit of the racers who go through unimaginable levels of endurance during the race and try to complete it, for just finishing it is one incredible achievement.

The 2016 Dakar Rally is scheduled from 3rd January to 16th January 2016 in South America. The event which is organized by Amaury Sports Organization will start from Buenos Aires in Argentina and will later run through Argentina and Bolivia while finishing in Rosario. This annual rally event includes four major competitive groups such as bikes, cars, trucks, and quadbikes or ATV's. The riders and drivers ace through some of the toughest roads one can think of while covering a distance of over 8,500km before the finishing line comes in sight, while through more than half of the time the racers run against the clock, courtesy the 13 competitive stages in the rally.

The 2015 Dakar Rally Bike category was won by Marc Coma who rode his factory RED Bull KTM to victory, giving Marc his 5th Dakar Rally Win and KTM its 17th consecutive Title in the world's biggest and the toughest race. And Then, there is a fact that our own, the Fabulous CS Santosh is going to be there at Dakar 2016 too, and we wish him all the best of the luck the world could offer.

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