Video - Sam Sunderland having Fun with his Rally Bike at MX Track!

Video - Sam Sunderland having Fun with his Rally Bike at MX Track!

Snapshot: Watch how riders are preparing for the Dakar Rally 2015!


With the 2015 Dakar set to begin on January 4, all the teams and riders are in high gear getting themselves and their equipment ready for the gruelling event. For British rider, Sam Sunderland, getting ready means practicing his skills. However, short of taking his KTM 450 Rally to the desert, the only other viable option is taking it for a spin around a motocross track. Here, watch Sunderland do just that, ripping around the Jebel Ali MX track and putting in some fast moves. It’s an incredible sight to see, and a testament to Sunderland’s skill that he’s able to get around as quickly as he does.

Having shredded the tracks and trails of the British motocross scene since he was seven years old, rider Sam Sunderland has become a true international star, garnering a reputation as a fast and accomplished desert rider. His first major victories came in 2011, when he won two stages of the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge and three others in the Australasian Safari.

Sam's inaugural Dakar outing was on New Year's Day, 2012 - at just 22 years old, he took an impressive seventh place finish on stage one of the event, but his dreams of a Dakar title were shattered when an electrical fault forced him to retire during day two. Instead of dwelling on the disappointment, Sam focused on the positives - he had not only finished in the top ten during his first Dakar outing, but was just three minutes off the pace of the leaders when he retired.

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