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Video - Taylor Mackenzie's bike caught fire between the race

Snapshot: British Superbike star Taylor Mackenzie escapes horrifying accident as his motorcycle caught fire in between race laps

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When riding at high speeds there is always a chance that mechanicals might get ruptured and something similar happened at the British Superbikes Championship recently. The British Superbikes Championship’s rider Taylor Mackenzie escapes a horrible accident when his motorcycle caught fire in between the race laps. It is possible that one of the fuel lines of his Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R might have cracked leading to fuel leakage on the hot engine and exhaust pipes resulting in fire burst. Taylor made the right decision of jumping off from the motorcycle as soon he noticed the fire exploding out from his motorcycle’s fairing. Taylor managed to pull over the bike in the correct time and jumped off quickly or the consequences might have been deadly. In the video down below you will see how quickly the fire caught up and Taylor made no mistake and jumped as soon as he could. Taylor was lucky to escape the horrifying accident safely.