Video: the one that we were waiting for, H2R Demonstration at Suzuka!!

Video: the one that we were waiting for, H2R Demonstration at Suzuka!!

Snapshot: Kawasaki H2R demonstrated its might at Suzuka!!


A lot has been written about the Hyperbike Kawasaki has brought at the EICMA, the H2R is what history will remember as the bike that changed the way we looked at motorcycle engine technology. It has rekindled the dormant fight of the giants to showcase their might. It is a well known fact that, through almost whole of the second half of the previous century, the mighty Japanese Manufacturers, made motorcycles to show their technological and  manufacturing prowess and tempted the other Japanese giants to come and fight and to try and beat theri creation. This brought the world a few of the most iconic motorcycles the world has ever seen.

However, the recession hit the industry bad and there was, which seemed like, a silent pact between these Japanese giants (Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki) and the superbike wars saw Japan taking a back seat. At the same time the European Manufacturers took charge of the situation and brought their take on the Superbike war front, their creations were not only, stunning to behold, but they were the bikes which had technology never heard of on a motorcycle.

Now, with the release of the phenomenal H2R, that silent peace pact among the Japanese giants has fallen apart, and with the likes of Yamaha's 2015 R1, Honda's Prototype RC213V-S GP replica for street, the Hyperbike universe is just about to explode.

After a long series of Video teasers, Kawasaki has released a video of their Out of this world spaceship of a Motorcycle demonstrating its capabilities at the Iconic Suzuka Circuit in Japan. The following is a rather long video of the Kawasaki Ninja H2R demonstrating earlier this week at the Suzuka Circuit in Japan (fast-forward to the 6 minute mark if you don’t want to watch the bike warm-up in the pits), taken during the All-Japan Road Race Superbike Championship.

To fully appreciate the video, it helps if you speak a bit of Japanese, but the what transcends all languages is the brute force of the supercharged 300hp the Ninja H2R, as it takes off — even in the hands of Kawasaki racer Katsuaki Fujiwara. We still think it’s pretty impressive, check it out after the jump.

This Kasawaki might just be the Ultimate Street Bike!!

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on 2014-11-07 12:37:47

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