Video - The Volvo Life Paint is a Revolutionary Step in Rider Safety

Video - The Volvo Life Paint is a Revolutionary Step in Rider Safety

Snapshot: This is one incredible Idea, A must have for one and all!!!

Everyone knows, the ones who ride and the ones who don't, that riding is a dangerous thing to do, no matter what you ride, whether it is a motorcycle, a scooter ,a step thru or even a bicycle, riding is a risky affair and it is incredibly necessary to make sure that we take care of each and every precaution to save ourselves from the day we face  the dark side  of destiny.

However, a rider can only do as much of his/her safety and it makes a responsibility to be shared by other road users to make sure the riders get safely back to their loved ones. Volvo knows are concerns, and yes, an automobile company known to have safety as its core principle has just come out with one astonishing concept to make riding safer at night. In essence the concept is so sensible and full of common sense that one wonders, why it was not thought before.

Volvo is calling it, quite literally, LifePaint and it might just be a perfect name for this idea. Volvo has developed a technology to keep the roads safer for bikers at night and it is a technology that should be used by everyone and has the potential to only save incredible number of lives but also change the way riding safety works. LifePaint is a special reflective safety spray that is invisible during the day, but at night will light up and glow from a cars headlights.

This will enable all the invisible bikers and pedestrians at night  to be visible by oncoming traffic. Also, the paint washes off and will not change the colour of the surface it is used on. Usually a layer of LifePaint will last for about a week. Although it was initially designed for bikers, it can be used in many different ways. For instance, kids backpacks, clothes, wheelchairs, dog leashes and collars. This is truly a revolutionary idea.

Watch below the video depicting it application and usage.

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on 2015-04-13 03:52:45

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