Video - Things to do with BMW R1200GS - Rip through a Abandoned Children's Camp Of-Course!!

Video - Things to do with BMW R1200GS - Rip through a Abandoned Children's Camp Of-Course!!

Snapshot: YEah, so you have an abandoned Children's camp, SUre, LEt ride a GS and rip through it!!


The entire world is well aware of the immense capabilities the legendary and iconic BMW R1200GS has in terms of its off-road prowess. Youtube is jam packed with videos made by people who show just how easy it for the GS to wade through Jungles, Mountains, Rivers, Mud, Slush, you name it and chances are, at least one BMW R1200GS has been there.

So, what will you do with a BMW R1200GS if you are left with it, yeah, Ripping through a Children Camp wouldn't really come high on the list, and might just figure just to prove that somewhere inside you there are some messed up ideas. However, saying that, the world is a weird place and weird things happen all the time. In the video down south this text, which comes from Russia, Daniel Kushnarevich and Alexander Golovkin decided to find out what a BMW R1200GS can do around an abandoned kids camp outside of Moscow.

The duo brought along their riding pal, Vadim Shpilevsky, and filmed him tearing up this rather creepy looking desolated children’s camp in a film they call “Desolation.” Shpilevsky looks to be riding an air-cooled R1200GS, with windscreen and mirrors removed to help get through some tight spaces. From there, some bash guards protect the engine from damage, while more off-road oriented knobby tires are better suited than the stockers for the conditions.

One can only wonder why the camp was closed down, but nonetheless, it makes for a cool practicing ground for any trials or adventure riders in the Moscow area!

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on 2014-12-04 03:15:33

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