Video - Victory Unveiled Prototype Racing Engine for this year's Pikes Peak Hill Climb!

Video - Victory Unveiled Prototype Racing Engine for this year's Pikes Peak Hill Climb!

Snapshot: Watch how Victory is getting ready for 2015 Pikes Peak Hill Climb!!

The Pikes Peak hill climb has become a proving ground of technological and manufacturing capabilities for companies over the years. To show off its serious intent to make a mark in this year's Pikes Peak race, Victory Motorcycles has unveiled in photographs and video their prototype racing engine which will be doing duty in Victory Motorcycles machine that will compete at the 2015 Pikes Peak Hill Climb.

Till now, no specs have been released for the same, but the V-Twin in pictures should be a souped up version of the 60-Degree unit that powers the Indian Scout. This engine will be fitted to a Roland Sands build and Victory branded custom racer when it goes climbing the Pikes Peak. However, after such efforts, it might not be wrong to speculate that Indian may be considering a sportier version of the Scout and saying that, it might well be a good addition to the Indian line-up. Who would mind seeing new sport-model in Victory’s arsenal utilizing a version of Scout’s 1133cc engine? We guess, Everyone would love it!!

Victory is calling the endeavour as the 'Project 156' , where  the number 156 is a nod to the 156 corners the Pikes Peak present to the riders as they try and climb the mountain in record speeds and glory. The Pikes Peak is one of America's most challenging racing events, since the 14000 ft high mountain provides varied forms of surfaces. Victory participating in its might mean at least a small run commemoration model celebrating the event if Victory finishes it.

The event will also enable Victory to compile valuable data that can be utilized in  future Victory models as well as Indian ones. In addition to the Pikes Peak event, Victory has also recently announced a new energy and direction for the brand seen in formation of an NHRA team and Isle of Man TT racing effort.

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