Video - Watch Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds talk about his custom Triumph

Video - Watch Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds talk about his custom Triumph

Snapshot: Ryan Reynolds shares his love for motorcycles through this latest video.

Remember a superhero who wears blood red Spandex suit, humorously killing his enemies? Yes, we are talking about Deadpool, the Marvel Comics' character, who has been portrayed by Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds in the recent movie that goes by the same name - Deadpool. While the movie is doing extremely good business at the box office, Reynolds decided to show his other side to his fans.

Ryan Reynolds talks about his passion for riding as we watch custom motorcycle builder Dustin Kott convert Ryan's stock Triumph Thruxton into a cafe racer.

Well, apparently, Ryan Reynolds is a big motorcycle fan and loves riding his custom made Triumph motorcycle. The actor has revealed a video showing the love for his custom made cafe racer, based on the British Triumph Thruxton. And to give his cafe racer a unique shape, Reynolds commissioned LA based Kott Motorcycles, who did wonders with the bike.

Named "Invite the Unexpeted " and directed by Bryan Rowland, the video uses some intriguing music and building process, explained by Dustin Kott himself to create a mesmerizing piece. Instead of explaining the process ourselves, it would be better if you watch it for yourself.

As for the Reynolds, his expressions after watching the bike for the first time were priceless. He explains how the bike riding can be a meditative experience and says, "You can't do anything on a bike, except ride... and breathe."

The video is embedded above!

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