Video - Watch how intricately Honda build each RC213V-S!

Video - Watch how intricately Honda build each RC213V-S!

Snapshot: Watch to believe the sheer hard work that goes into building every single Honda RC213V-S in the world!!

Ever since Honda showcased the utterly delicious MotoGP bike with headlights for the streets, we have been captivated by the absolute engineering prowess and the promised rarity of the bike. Priced above INR 2.5 Crore should you want to import it in India, the world's first ever authentic MotoGP bike for the streets, the RC213V-S is a giant leap in the world of motorcycles and how we perceive the tag Hyperbike.

Unveiled at the EICMA 2014 by Honda's MotoGP factory rider duo of Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez, the RC213V-S has become the new Halo bike of the world of superbikes and as it breaks the barrier between the world of prototype racing and the technology used on streets, the RC213V-S enjoys being a one of its kind motorcycle in the world.

At to it the fact that it will see a limited run of just over 200 Units, meaning only a few chosen ones (mostly collectors) will actually get to own this beautiful piece of motorcycle engineering. We recently reported how certain Mr. John Brown from UK became the first ever owner of the RC213V-S in the world. Such limited run also meant that Honda had a simple decision to make each unit by hand, with a small team of highly skilled builders, in order to keep the highly sophisticated nature of the machine alive and its racing DNA intact.

In the video below a lot about the process that builds this MotoGP bike for the street for its owners can be seen and we are fortunate that Honda Hong Kong released a video that shows the Honda RC213V-S build team hard at work. 

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on 2016-01-18 03:12:43

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