Video - Watch Team Luc1 Motorsports 2014 Campaign!

Video - Watch Team Luc1 Motorsports  2014 Campaign!

Snapshot: Watch the video of how the team faired in 2014!


One of the most successful supermoto teams on the FIM circuit,Luc1 Motorsport also happens to be one of the most talented teams when it comes to promoting itself on the internet and get in touch with its fanbase. There are numerous videos available throughout the web are a perfect example of the same.

While 2014 was a difficult year for Luc1, especially in the FIM S1 class, the team draws some positives from the season. For us, it means some awesome supermoto footage of racers backing it in, clearing jumps, and banging handlebars. You know the things that are supercool, and make us love this sport!

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on 2014-12-29 03:31:44

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