Video - We are back to heal the Mid Week Crisis, with a Back Flip!!!

Video - We are back to heal the Mid Week Crisis, with a Back Flip!!!

Snapshot: Yeah!!! that how you put a bike in a truck!!

We are here to kill the shear boredom of your mid week crisis Wednesday which doesn't seem to move anywhere. The day is long, the winters are getting nearer to the business end of the things, and the holiday season of the rest of the world is not helping in any way whatsoever.

To take you out of this misery and give a much needed shot of some smiles and a nice little kick of adrenaline into your system, we have here a video, which has a bike, a motocross one, a truck, and one absolutely insane rider, yup, all that is a recipe of one interesting video. Though, we’ve seen a lot of videos of people trying to load their motorcycles onto a truck, often by trying to ride it up a ramp. More often than not, these videos result in a massive fail, aches, and sore limbs.

But to tell you how to do it like a boss, here we have a certain Mr. Jack Field, who happens to be a trial bike rider, and from the looks of it he does just fine with his trial bike when it comes to doing stuff normal common mortals wouldn't even dream off doing. In short, this video shows us and you on the other side of the laptop/desktop screen how to put a bike into a truck if you are not exactly in mood to do it the traditional and a way more sensinble way that is.

and What about taking on a Roller-Coaster with a trila bike?

•  Trial Motorbike
on 2014-12-10 05:07:24

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