Video - We kill Cold with Cold for this Mid Week Crisis healer!!

Video - We kill Cold with Cold for this Mid Week Crisis healer!!

Snapshot: Brace yourself Bitter Winter are coming, and we have just a video to make you deal with it!!

We are back, people!!! If you happen to live in the Northern part of this fair country of ours then you would have woken up to dense fog making you wonder about the importance of going to college or as a matter of fact to your office. Sadly, both of these are very important, for they enable, most of us to earn enough so that we can buy our dream motorcycles and head out for a ride leaving the world behind. Clearly yours truly haven't reached this point (bank balance, that is) in life (and hope my HR gets to read this and be kind this Christmas;) ). The point is, it is getting darn cold here in this part of the country and those who are enjoying the weather down south of the country, you are lucky and we are jealous, fairly jealous!

Moreover, this is that part of the week again. The dreadful Mid Week crisis, and it has joined hands with this stupidly rising winter to slow everything down. So, if you are feeling that intense urge to sleep off the rest of the day, or just sipping down sea volumes of hot coffee just to stay sane and awake. We bring you this video to find a way out of this cold misery, with something colder!!

Dougie Lampkin, this guy has stuff on his resume on trial bikes that sounds crazy to even the other crazies. The 12-time World Trials champion, his sense of balance and control is out of this world. However, sometimes the boulders, planks and boxes of a typical trials competition can seem a bit, well, boring. In this video, Lampkin finds something a little more interesting to conquer – a giant igloo!

Set in the vast arctic landscape of Northern Finland, watch Lampkin hop, skip and jump off obstacles made entirely of ice. It surely is mesmerizing, and we’re glad Red Bull were able to help him put this together. Also, we, as in, you and I, can get enough inspiration  to deal with this cold weather and some hard boiling hot adrenaline in our veins, from Mr. Lampkin.

Speaking of which, it might be hard to find a giant Igloo in the centre of places like Gurgaon, Chandigarh or say Chennai (Chennai, by far being the most unlikely place to have a igloo, though it would be super cool if someone can put one close the Besant Nagar Beach and allow people to sip Costa Coffee's Americano in it). Instead of it, What you can do is find out an empty basement parking, get a few friends, some route markings and well, off you go.

Again, we are big supporters of motorcycling safety and would suggest you don't attempt the stuff like the one you see in the video, atleast in a place where there are CCTV Camera's installed ;)

Ride Safe People, Be brave, the weekend is one day nearer!!

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