Video - Why not to give your Rally Car to Valentino Rossi? Here Why!

Video - Why not to give your Rally Car to Valentino Rossi? Here Why!

Snapshot: Valentino Rossi is one incredible talent when it comes to wheels, engines and well, Racing!!!


Valentino is a Moto GP legend, a superstar , for many he is the GOAT (Greatest of All Time), and he has a Godly status back in Italy. This 35 year old Man has done far greater good to Moto GP and to the popularity of Moto GP in the new era than almost every else rider combined in his era. The thing is, we can go on and on and on about what Valentino Rossi is all about and how big is his stronghold on the sport we so dearly love.

However, today we will like to tell you that Vale isn't just a track rider, it is a well known fact that he rides on city roads whenever he is back home and he loves it more when the roads finish and serious off-roading begins.

So, what would such a talented rider do when he is put into a fire breathing, sky tearing-ly loud rally Ford. We all remember uncountable staggeringly aesome passes in Moto GP Valentino Rossi is known for, his close pass on Casey Stoner at Laguna Seca at the top of the Corkscrew ranks up there as one of his most memorable feats. Now Rossi can add this pass – in a car, no less – to his highlight reel. In the offseason, it’s no secret Rossi enjoys a bit of rally car racing, and this past weekend he competed in the Monza Rally Show, alongside a host of big names in the car racing world, like Kurt Busch and Ken Block. 

In the end, former F1 ace, Robert Kubica, won the race, with Rossi coming in second. Rossi held the lead, but a mistake by the nine-time champion cost him. In his attempt to claw back some time, he pulled off this spectacular maneuver. Though it wasn’t enough to win, it was definitely enough to steal the headlines. At 35, Rossi is still one of the best riders in the MotoGP field, but a switch to four wheels seems to be a likely move once he decides to hang up his leathers.

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