Video - Yamaha answers to Ducati Scrambler with the XSR700!

Video - Yamaha answers to Ducati Scrambler with the XSR700!

Snapshot: So the Game begins and Yamaha has its answer to the stardom of the Ducati Scrambler!!


So it begins! it was a matter of time before the rivals took notice and filed in their nominations for the competition to the hugely famous and now a sales success Ducati Scrambler. The first proper face off to the Ducati Scrambler comes in the form of the Yamaha XSR700. Based more or less on the makings of the hugely popular FZ-07, the XSR700 uses the same 700cc parallel-twin that has the same lightweight aluminum chassis and the 270° crankshaft.

Designed to inspire the same Hipster crowd the Ducati Scrambler has been gathering around it, the XSR700 is a production version of the recently unveiled 'Faster Sons' concept by Yamaha, the concept made by the famous Japanese bike builder Shinya Kimura. With the XSR700 Yamaha is targeting the same goal Ducati has hit a bull eye at. capturing a younger customer base which has a desire to be recognized. Being successful in it would mean, the new younger riders might choose other Yamaha motorcycles as they evolve in more seasoned riders.

The bike should be available in the European market from this November as the 2016 model. Hope Yamaha will be able to understand the importance of a such a model in the Indian market also and brings this interesting product to India as well (and with sensible pricing, that is).

Watch the video below to get yourself acquainted with the 2016 Yamaha XSR700  - 

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